Fairfield View

Code of conduct

All the directors and staff of Fairfield View Care Centre work to a stringent code of conduct.

As part of this, we promise:

  • To uphold the Residents Charter.
  • To provide a standard equal to or beyond the needs of each individual client.
  • To furnish and maintain the Centre to a satisfactory standard.
  • To administer the Centre in a safe, proper and professional manner.
  • To keep true and proper records as required by the government and other statutory bodies.
  • To be honest, ethical and sympathetic in all dealings with residents and their affairs.
  • To facilitate the inspection of the Centre by all statutory bodies.
  • To offer value for money.
  • To uphold the current policies of the National Care Homes Association and the Registered Nursing Homes Association.
  • To act in such a manner as to enhance the reputation of care centres and home in Tameside.