Fairfield View

Response to CQC Inspection Report of August 2017

It should be noted that the inspection took place some 12 months ago and the required improvements were made within 2 months of the inspection.

There were 2 areas of improvement required:

1. The documentation of the future training needs of staff.

I can report that within one month of the inspection, the future training needs of all our staff had been documented. It should be noted that the Inspector was happy with the competence and level of training of staff at the home.

2. Our policy and procedures following a fall by a resident.

Within 2 months of the Inspection, we had developed and implemented, a robust falls procedure to be carried out by all staff in the event of a fall by a resident. Within that time, we also made staff changes with a view to reinforcing the required improvements.

It has now been 12 months since that inspection and we are disappointed that the Care Quality Commission have been unable to re visit us in that time to confirm our commitment to making the improvements and that we do not deserve to be rated as requiring improvement by them. We look forward to an Inspection to confirm our belief that the improvement required of us has been made and that we are an excellent home.

Significant effort is made in our organisation to deliver and evidence that we deliver outstanding care to our residents and patients, which we believe that we do. We hope that our actions will help us to achieve that recognition going forward.

Jack Meredith
Owner and Managing Director